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Summer 2021
Six Week - Second
June 28, 2021 - August 7, 2021

JUNE 28, 2021
First Class Day
AUGUST 6, 2021
Last Class Day
AUGUST 7, 2021
Final Exam

APRIL 2, 2021 - JUNE 24, 2021
Open Registration
JUNE 26-29, 2021
Late Registration
JULY 1, 2021​
Last day to drop without a grade from a course
JULY 22, 2021
Last day to withdraw from a course (grade of “W” will be assigned)​
NOTE: Registration deadlines are midnight, unless otherwise noted. In person transactions must be made by business closing time.

MAY 1, 2021
4 Payment Installment/Deferments Plans available (online only) for Resident, Non-Res and International students.
JUNE 24, 2021
Last day to pay for Open Registration. Payment arrangements must be made by midnight or class(es) will be dropped for non-payment.
JULY 1, 2021
Last day to pay for Late Registration. Payment arrangements must be made by midnight or class(es) will be dropped for non-payment.
JULY 15, 2021
Emergency/Short Term Deferment Plan Due.
1st of each monthInstallment Plan Payment Due - Payments due 1st of each month after plan is set up.

JUNE 27, 2021
Last day for complete withdrawals to receive a 100% reduction in charges of tuition and mandatory fees.​
JUNE 28-30, 2021
Complete withdrawals receive an 80% reduction in charges of tuition and mandatory fees. Student still responsible for 20% of total bill.
JULY 1-6, 2021
Complete withdrawals receive a 50% reduction in charges of tuition and mandatory fees. Student still responsible for 50% of total bill.
JULY 1, 2021
Last day to receive reduction in charges for partial withdrawal.

JUNE 1, 2021
Fall 2021 application deadline for freshman admission
JUNE 11, 2021​
Summer 2021 Financial Aid Deadline
AUGUST 1, 2021
Fall 2021 application deadline for transfer admission

MAY 31, 2021
Memorial Day, University closed
JULY 5, 2021
Independence Day (observed), University closed

APRIL 2, 2021 - JULY 15, 2021​
Online Summer Graduation Application

JULY 1, 2021
Official Day or Record/Census Date
Student record change deadline/Last day to:
  • appeal residency status
  • drop without a grade
  • receive refund for partial withdrawal
  • change to audit status
  • request an International Student Health Insurance waiver
All requests must be received by business closing time
​Official Closing of Summer 2020 term
AUGUST 14, 2021
​Grades available in myUHD 2.0 after 12 noon

JULY 1, 2021​
Official Day of Record/12th class day
JULY 6, 2021
Reporting Day/20th class day
AUGUST 11, 2021
Faculty Online grade entry begins at 12 noon on August 11
​AUGUST 13, 2021
Faculty Online grade entry​ closes at 12 noon on August 13

AUGUST 7, 2021​
  • Final exam period
    NOTE: students will have multiple exams; to minimize overlap of multiple exams for students, we ask faculty to plan finals using these two principles: 1) follow best practices for online exams by allowing a sufficient window for completion in case of technology issues and 2) ensure, to the extent possible, that the window overlaps the finals time frame originally assigned to any FTF or hybrid classes.
AUGUST 10, 2021
  • Faculty post assigned final letter grades in your Blackboard shell for each course by 12 noon.
  • Faculty notify all students that final course grades are available for reviewing.
  • (You may make grades available earlier if they are completed.)
AUGUST 10-11, 2021
  • Students review grades in Blackboard and notify faculty of their request for an S/U option by 12 noon on August 11 if they have not already done so. 
  • If students do not contact you in writing by this deadline, then you will issue the regular, earned letter grade.
AUGUST 11-13, 2021
  • Official grade entry begins at 12 noon on August 11 and closes at 12 noon on August 13.
  • You will enter grades via the regular roster accessed at myUHD. The only difference is that you will have a full array of options for each student: A, B, C, D, F as well as S, U.
  • Please retain records of all student requests for the S/U opt in for at least 1 year.

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