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Scholarship Award Process

  • Once award decisions are final, scholarship awards are disbursed to each recipient's account, where funds will be available for tuition, fees, etc.

  • Where applicable, any excess funding is then refunded to student by the Student Accounting Office, which is responsible for processing student refund payments.

IMPORTANT: Scholarship recipients MUST notify the UHD Financial​ Aid​​ Office​

The total of each student's financial aid package, from all sources, cannot exceed the cost of attendance by the University. If a student receives a scholarship, whether it is from the college or from a private source, he or she must notify the Financial Aid Office. The University is required to review each student's financial package to make sure that it does not exceed the cost of attendance. In many cases, the University is able to include scholarship or grant funds without adjusting any other aid, thus increasing the total amount of each financial aid package. However, sometimes the University has to reduce or replace another form of aid. In that case, an attempt is always made to reduce or replace any loans offered to students first. We strongly encourage each student to explore all scholarship opportunities as a valuable means to help finance his or her college education.​

Graduate Assistantship 

A Graduate Assistantship in the Department of Criminal Justice and Social Work is an excellent way to offset the cost of your graduate education while you gain valuable experience working with department faculty.

Graduate assistants will be paid a stipend of $10​,000 to be distributed over the fall and spring semesters​. In exchange, assistants spend 15 hours a week doing a variety of tasks which may include assisting with grading undergraduate assignments, grading undergraduate examinations, assistance with faculty research projects, or other administrative responsibilities.

To be eligible for a graduate assistantship, you must be admitted to the MSCJ program, and should be available to work 15 hours a week. Newly admitted students and current students are eligible to apply.

Applications are competitive- only 2 graduate assistantships are awarded each academic year. Deadline to apply is July 15

To apply, complete the online application and submit an essay explaining your interest and goals for the position.

Graduate Externship​​​

The externship/scholarship award was created in collaboration with the Harris County, Texas Juvenile Probation Department for a student int​​erested in a career working with juvenile offenders.  The student is awarded a $1500 per semester scholarship and a paid "externship" with the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department​.  The student must enroll in CJ 6370 Independent Study and satisfy certain academic requirements established by the instructor for the course.​ Application (PDF​).

Eligibility for this MSCJ Graduate Externship requires the following:

  1. certified full-time graduate student (at least 9 semester ​       credit hours) in the Masters of Criminal Justice degree program who is in good academic standing at the University of Houston-Downtown;

  2. good financial standing with the university at the time of application;

  3. enrolled at UHD during the period in which the award will be used;

  4. nominated by a faculty member in the Criminal Justice Program;​​​

  5. enroll in CJ 6370 Independent Study; and

  6. interview with and be offered a part-time position by the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department. The student must meet the same employment requirements as a full-time applicant for a position with the department​

For more information, contact Dr. Nina Barbieri at​.

100 Club Endowed Scholarship

Awards are given in the summer for the upcoming academic year. 

The primary goal of this scholarship is to support persons who seek to become certified Law Enforcement Officers in the greater Houston area after earning a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ) degree from the University of Houston – Downtown (UHD).

The scholarship award is up to $2500 annually ($1250/semester) for the academic year. Students must be enrolled full time as a UHD BSCJ major (or pre-major) and carry a grade point average of 3.0 or above to be eligible for this scholarship.

Application Instructions:

To apply for this scholarship, students must submit the Scholarship Application and an Impact Letter by the deadline. Impact Letters should describe specific reasons for wanting to become a Law Enforcement Officer and explain the impact this scholarship award would have on your personal and career goals. Letters should be no more than two double-spaced pages.​​

Don't forget to fill out your FAFSA or TAFSA to see what other funding may be available for you. For more information see the UH​D Financial Aid website.

Please call for student applications will come in the Spring semester and sent via student GatorMail accounts.​

International Comparative Criminal Justice Scholarship

The International Comparative Criminal Justice Scholarship at the University of Houston-Downtown is a competitive scholarship open to all Criminal Justice Students. The scholarship includes:

  • $1,000 scholarship

  • In-State tuition for the Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, and the Masters of Science in Criminal Justice program

Apply T​oday!

100 Club

**Applications for these scholarship are currently ON HOLD**

Available to certified peace officer currently employed by a 100 Club member agency

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