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Criminal Justice Faculty - Nina Barbieri

Nina Barbieri

Assistant Professor

Office: C-340

​​Curriculum Vitae

​​​My research interests are in the area of adolescents, particularly focusing on at-risk youth and school related experiences. My teaching interests include juvenile justice, crime and delinquency, criminological theory, and criminal justice policies. I think it is important to understand the connectivity between criminological theory and criminal justice policies and how the both affect each other.

Prior to this current academic position, I have worked as a certified special education instructor, and was most recently employed at an alternative charter school. My interests in helping at-risk youth was solidified during my time in this career.  While completing my doctoral degree, I was able to participate as a research assistant for a federally funded mentoring project designed to match up high school students with local college students. 

​PhD               University of Texas at Dallas                              Criminology

MS                University of Texas at Dallas                               Criminology

BA                 University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth             Sociology

​CJ 3301
CJ 3306
CJ 3308

​(Under review) Barbieri, Nina & Craig, Jessica M. Do the Effects of Strain and Religiosity on Criminal Coping differ by Race and Ethnicity?

(Under review) Barbieri, Nina & Connell, Nadine M. Examining General Strain: Using Subjective and Objective Measures of Academic Strain to Predict Delinquency.

2016  Barbieri, Nina, Clipper, Stephen J. & Vasquez, Arthur G. Adolescent gang membership and differences in self: Identity, esteem, and efficacy. Deviant Behavior 37(12), 1429-1442.

2015       Connell, Nadine M., Jennings, Wesley G., Barbieri, Nina, & Reingle-Gonzalez, Jennifer M. Arrest as a way out: Understanding the needs of adult female sex trafficking victims identified by law enforcement: A research note. Journal of Crime and Justice, 38(3), 351-360.
                Reprinted in Human Trafficking: Contexts and Connections to Conventional Crime (2016). Edited by Joan Reid. New York, NY: Routledge Academic.

2014       Barbieri, Nina, Connell. Nadine M., Reingle-Gonzalez, Jennifer M. Understanding school effects on students' willingness to report peer weapon carrying. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice. 13(3), 258-269.

2014       Barbieri, Nina & Connell, Nadine M. A cross-national assessment of media reactions and blame finding of student perpetrated school shootings. American Journal of Criminal Justice. 40(1), 23-46.

Professional Affiliations 

2016 – Present  Southwestern Academy of Criminal Justice (SWACJ) 2012 – Lifetime Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS)     Division of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency  2012 – Present  American Society of Criminology (ASC) 2012 – Present  International Society for Research on Aggression (ISRA) 

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