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Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence​​​​


Our mission at the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) is to promote student success by providing targeted faculty supp​ort promoting evidenced based instructional strategies, and cultivating an innovative and collaborative learning environment at UHD. The center’s ongoing initiatives aim to achieve the student success objectives outlined in the UHD Strategic Plan and to support the University’s continual growth and development as a vibrant teaching and learning institution.

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2021-2022 CTLE Professional Development Catalog

2021-2022 CTLE Professional Development Catalog

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UHD CTLE Newsletter Volume II - Feb 2022

We are excited to share volume 2 of the new UHD CTLE newsletter with you! I hope you will enjoy learning more about our ongoing programs and services. We have included a data infographic from our last assessment cycle (i.e. AY’ 20-21) and some special highlights from the past year. If you have not yet taken advantage of one or more CTLE opportunities, I hope you will take a moment to look around and learn more about how we can support you. Click the image below to view the newsletter or see the links below for more options:



If clicking the image above does not work for you, please click the Flipsnack link below to view the newsletter directly in your browser or you can click the Google Drive link to download the PDF file.

Flipsnack Link (for web-based viewing):


Link to PDF:

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