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Joint Admission Program

UHD has created joint admission partnerships with area community and junior colleges to help you make the transition into a four-year university. Joint admission means that you are actually admitted to both institutions while attending the community college and/or both. One of the benefits to you is that you are able to receive advising from UHD counselors while you are a community/junior college student. Along with a transfer guide for your planned major, you will have all the information you need to complete your bachelor's degree most efficiently. 

The following colleges participate in joint admissions with UHD:

Transfer Admission Criteria

Earned Hours Transfer Admission Criteria
Earned Hours of College-Level Credit
Minimum Cumulative Transfer GPA*
Less than 15 hours
Must meet Freshman and Transfer Admissions Requirements
15 or more hours

Student must be in good academic standing at current institution
*For a course taken more than once, the highest grade will be transferred
*Developmental coursework will not count in the transfer GPA and do not transfer for credit.

Joint Admission Eligibility

To be eligible for Joint Admission, the student must:

  1. Be a transfer student with 15 or more hours
  2. Be currently enrolled at participating community college the semester student is applying to UHD
  3. Meet UHD’s transfer admission requirements
  4. Be Texas Success Initiative complete

Joint Admission Benefits

As a joint admission student, the student is entitled to receive the following services from UHD:

  1. Library privileges, including online database access once the student enrolls at UHD
  2. Access to UHD computer labs once the student enrolls at UHD
  3. UHD Student ID number
  4. Advising Services
  5. myUHD access once the student enrolls at UHD
  6. UHD GatorMail e-mail account once the student enrolls at UHD
  7. $50 application fee waiver**

** $50 application fee will be waived upon completion of the JA contract agreement

Becoming a Joint Admission Student – How to Apply

  1. Apply to UHD admissions using the Apply Texas Application online
  2. Submit all official transcripts of colleges and universities you have attended
  3. Submit a Joint Admission Contract Agreement online

** Entering semester indicated on Apply Texas must match semester indicated on JA contract

JA Students and Financial Aid:

  • If the student is attending the community college only, the community college will be considered his/her home for financial aid purposes.
  • If the student is attending both the community college and UHD, or if he/she is attending UHD only, then UHD will be his/her financial aid home.
  • If student is taking courses at the community college beyond his/her associate’s degree and working towards a UHD bachelor’s degree, UHD will be his/her financial aid home.

When UHD becomes the student’s financial aid home, student must then follow the steps for “Applying for Financial Aid” listed below and comply with UHD financial aid requirements. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


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