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Multimedia Equipment

Equipment requests need to be made at least 72 hours before the requested time. 

Requests for equipment to be used for events need to be made 7 days before the event.​​ Large​, or multiple day events will require requests 6 weeks prior to the event.

LCD Cart
A 42" wide screen monitor. Can be connected to a DVD player, or laptop.
LCD Projector
Will hook up to PC or Mac & display computer data onto a projection screen.
This unit will project XGA resolution (1024x768) with a minimum of 2500 lumens.
Document Camera
Real-time image capture devices for displaying object to a larger audience. They are in essence, high resolution web cams, mounted on arms so as to facilitate their placement over a page. This allows a teacher to display a three-dimensional object or write on a sheet of paper while the class observes.
A small personal computer designed for mobile use. We provide Dell & HP laptops with standard MS Office software and Wi-Fi ready. Users are responsible for their own Wi-Fi login. Laptops may be checked out by faculty and staff for work related activities, and for a maximum of 3 days​​​.
A headset that uses a USB connection to plug into a computer. Comes with a microphone that can be used for voice recordings.
A digital camera that plugs into your computer via USB. Can be used to video capturing, or web conferencing.
Media Cart
LCD projector, PC Computer, flat screen monitor, wireless internet access, mouse and speakers.

Digital Camcorder
Video recorded directly to internal memory. An SD card can be used to provide additional recording time. Tripod available upon request. 
Digital Point and Shoot Camera
A camera that takes video or still photographs, or both, digitally by recording images via an electronic image sensor.
Presentation Equipment
These are portable tripod or pull- up projection screens in sizes.
Flip Chart Easel
A stationery item resembling a whiteboard, typically supported on a tripod or four-legged easel. A pad of paper sheets is typically fixed to the upper edge. Such charts are commonly used for presentations.
Display Easel
An upright support used for displaying and/or fixing something resting upon it.
PowerPoint AdvancerA wireless handheld slide advancer used for PowerPoint presentations. 
​Laser Pointer
A portable, pen-sized laser designed to be held in the hand, and most commonly used to project a point of light to highlight items of interest during a presentation.
Audio Devices
Portable P.A. System
Portable system which has capability of 1 microphone input and 1 line input. It comes with either a wireless handheld or lavaliere microphone. For groups up to 50 people.
Concert Sound System
For small outdoor/indoor events. This sound package includes 1 Mackie 16 channel mixer board, 4 Shure SM58 Beta mics, 2 Mackie powered speakers with stands. For groups up to 300 people.
Microphone (Wired)
For any kind of audio amplification or recording needs. Comes with stand. Must be requested with a P.A. System.
Microphone (Wireless)
Lapel or handheld microphone for cordless voice amplification/audio recording.
Digital Recording Sound SystemMarantz Audio Recorder, up to six PZM microphones. Can be used for recording hearings.
Mixer (Audio)
Various types from 4 inputs to 16 inputs. Used for sound reinforcement for audio

Multimedia keeps a limited inventory of equipment of production and presentation equipment. Equipment is not checked out directly to students. Students requiring the use of laptop computers fo​r several hours use should contact the Academic computing labs located in the One Main, Shea and Commerce Buildings.

Faculty requiring equipment operating assistance or help with producing Multimedia presentations are encouraged to contact the Multimedia office, x8190.

Faculty and staff borrowing UHD Multimedia equipment are responsible for the safe and “on time” return of that equipment. Any equipment problems should be reported immediately to the Multimedia staff. The cost for repairing or replacing lost or damaged equipment will be charged to the borrower or their department

There may be charges for use of equipment, or services for special events, or student organizations. Please contact us to find out more (713-221-8190).

Equipment requests need to be made at least 24 hours before the requested time. 

Requests for equipment to be used for events need to be made 7 days before the event.​​ Large, or multiple day events will require requests 6 weeks prior to the event.

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