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Work from Home IT Security Guidelines

Best Practices When Working From Home

​ When working from home, it is important to remember to maintain safe cyber security practices for protecting University data and resources. Below are important guidelines to follow while working from home. 

What to do before you begin working from home

  • Ensure that you have access to your files. Utilize OneDrive, departmental file shares, etc. 
  • Leave your office computer turned on and logged out in case you need to access it remotely.  
  • If you believe you may need to connect to your office computer, we recommend you test your ability to  connect now so you know it works when you need it.
  • If you need to change your password, use the online password tool.
  • Contact the IT ServiceDesk for additional support by phone: 713‐221‐8031 or X3000 or by email:

Working from home using a University owned device

  • Connect to the University network using VPN. See Connecting to the University network from home below. (This is not necessary if only connecting to publicly available websites.) 

  • Run a full virus scan on your computer once a week to detect any problems.

  • Report any suspicious activity on your computer to

  • Avoid giving others physical access to University equipment.

  • Level 1 data handling and protection MUST comply with SAM 07.A.08. 

  • Logout before you walk away from your computer.

If using a personally owned device

  • Ensure you have anti‐virus/anti‐malware software installed and running on your computer. If you are  using Windows 10, free anti‐virus is built in.  Avast Free Mac Security is an option for Mac users and  has received good reviews. 
  • Run a full virus scan on your computer once a week to detect any problems.
  • Report any suspicious activity on your computer to
  • Do not store Level 1 data on your personal device. Level 1 data handling and protection MUST comply with SAM 07.A.08
  • If you are using University Enterprise systems such as PeopleSoft, do not download data onto your  personal device. Enterprise system data needs to remain in the enterprise system.
  • Logout of University systems after completing your work. Do not remain logged in to University  systems on your personal device.
  • If you perform any work or create any work product that is considered a University record, it is your  responsibility to move the ‘University record’ off your personal device and store it on a University owned device or system as soon as possible.

Connecting to the University network from home: Steps necessary to prepare your home computer, and get  connected using Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect to the University network here!

Office 365 (O365) Login: Access to Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, One Drive, SharePoint, etc. here! 

Online Password Reset Tool: Here!!

Last updated 3/25/2022 10:20 AM