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How to Install and Use the Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet

  1. ​Connect the Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet to your computer using the provided USB.
  2. Install the Wacom Intuos Tablet drivers at: – scroll down and click on the appropriate option listed under “Step 2” on the website
  3. a screenshot of the Downloand and Install link on the Wacom website  
  4. Once the drivers have finished downloading click on the download to open the Installer – click on Accept
  5. a screenshot of the Accept button on the EULA  
  6. The drivers will install themselves and you will be prompted to restart your computer – click on “Restart Now”
  7. a screenshot of the Restart Now option on the installation guide  
  8. Once your computer restarts the Wacom Desktop Center will load – this will allow you to track important information about your tablet and install updates. Your tablet is now ready to use.

a screenshot of the Wacom Application dashboard  

Using the Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet in a Zoom Meeting

  1. Begin a Zoom meeting
  2. a screenshot of the Zoom home screen  
  3. Once in the meeting choose “Share Screen” at the bottom of the meeting window
  4. a screenshot of the share screen option on the zoom meeting control panel  
  5. In the Share dialogue box choose “Whiteboard”
  6. a screenshot of the Share Screen menu with Whiteboard selected  
  7. You can now use your tablet pad and stylus to write on the Whiteboard area. NOTE TO DUAL MONITOR USERS: You may need to drag the Whiteboard area to the opposite screen of the Zoom meeting for the tablet to register.

Last updated 12/10/2020 5:20 PM