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SGA Chief of Staff Janelle Jones (left) and SGA Vice President Michelle Duvall
(right) hand out food and voting merchandise at the UHD South Deck on Oct. 21

Walk2Vote leads Gators to polling locations for Texas local elections

By Diana Ambrosio

The Student Government Association’s annual Walk2Vote returned this year on Oct. 21 after the pandemic halted this event in 2020.

The Walk2Vote leads people into a walk with others down to the polls closest to the campus during early voting. This year’s walk covered the Nov. 2 Texas local elections.

Weeks prior, the SGA showed people how to register to vote on campus.

There was even an informational class on Oct. 19 which showed people what would be on the ballot.

SGA Chief of Staff Janelle Jones said that there is a “barrier for students, because they do not know how to register to vote and do not know where to go to vote.”

The purpose of these voting events is to teach people how to get involved in the democratic process.

Local elections are just as important as national elections because the person closest to home is the one that is representing you in Washington D.C.

Another goal of the event was to be a convenience to students, faculty, and staff. By going to the polls together, people are shown where they can go the next time they vote.

For this year, there were a few local positions on the ballot which vary based on the constituent’s residence.

In addition, there were eight propositions on the ballot which deal with constitutional amendments.

A proposition is a proposed piece of law that people vote to decide whether it will be enacted or not.

Other student and community organizations prepared students for this election.

The UHD Honor Society of Social Policy, in honor of National Voter Registration Day, tabled outside of the UHD Bookstore to register people to vote on Sept. 28.

The League of Women Voters of Houston also tabled outside of the METROrail entrance on the third floor that same day.

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