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Department of Arts & Communication

Department Chair​

Azar Rejaie

Assistant Chair
Toni Hoang

Coordinator of Fine Arts
Azar Rejaie

Coordinator of Communication Studies
Ashley Archiopoli

Director​ of M.A. in Strategic

Dr. Darius Benton​

Director of O'Kane Gallery
Mark Cervenka

Interim Director of O'Kane Theatre
Luke Fedell

Main Office:

The Department of Arts and Communication Studies offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Fine Arts and Communication studies. These programs apply both theory and critical thought to the production and analysis of visual design, spoken word, and written text. Both programs have robust internship programs that help prepare students for careers after graduation.

Degree Programs

M.A. in Strategic Communication

The Masters of Arts in Strategic Communication (MASC) is a 30-credit hour, 100% online program that equips students with the cutting-edge strategic communication skills, research knowledge, technology competencies, and theories needed to create effective community engagement and messaging with culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse public audiences and stakeholder.

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