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Behavior Intervention Team FY24


This committee works in close collaboration with the Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of Counseling Services to evaluate reports or concerns about students who appear to be in crisis or distress, or who are otherwise exhibiting negative or disruptive behaviors. The BIT follows guidelines and procedures that will be shared with the members by the Dean of Students and per the Behavioral Intervention Team website.


Membership is composed of the Dean of Students and/or the Assistant Dean of Students, the UHD Chief of Police or a designated officer, a psychological counselor from the Office of Counseling Services, the Dean of Advising and Mentoring, a faculty member with clinical expertise or a staff member with clinical expertise and an academic appointment, and the Title IX Coordinator (as needed).


Name Role Representation Voting Term Ends
Kira Gatewood Chair AVP/Dean of Students Yes N/A
Branston Harris Member Assistant Dean of Students Yes N/A
Hope Pacheco Member Assistant Dean of Students, Student Advocacy, & Assistance Yes N/A
Casey Davis Member Executive Director, Public Safety and Chief of Police Yes N/A
Cynthia Vargas Member Director, Emergency Management Yes N/A
Kristin Anderson Member Faculty Member Yes N/A
Isidro Grau Member Academic Support Center Yes N/A
Lauri Ruiz Member Title IX/Equal Opportunity Officer Yes N/A
Hope Pamplin Member Director, Disability Services Yes N/A
Timothy Coulter Member Psychological Counselor Yes N/A