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General Education Committee FY24


As per PS 03.A.41, the General Education Program (GEP) requires faculty oversight, review, and ongoing assessment. This oversight is done by the General Education Committee (GEC). UHD is responsible for ensuring the credibility, compliance, and integrity of the GEP. While individual faculty, academic programs, and academic departments have the task of offering the courses within the GEP, the entire academic community of UHD has ownership of the GEP.

The GEC has oversight in the following areas:

  • Education of the university community about the GEP
  • Assessment of the GEP, including recommendations based on assessment results and processes
  • Curriculum and policy related to the GEP
  • Recommendations to the UCC regarding any changes to the GEP and the courses therein
  • Maintaining the GEP website is up to date and contains all necessary forms and calendars for the program


Name Role Representation Voting Term Ends
Sucheta Choudhuri Member Faculty Member, ENG Yes August 14, 2026
Natalia Matveeva Member Faculty Member, A&C Yes August 14, 2024
Theresa Case Chair Faculty Member, HHL Yes August 14, 2025
Jason Caro Member Faculty Member, SOS Yes August 14, 2024
Hailun Zheng Member Faculty Member, CSET Yes August 14, 2026
Michael Tobin Member Faculty Member, NS Yes August 14, 2025
Jean-Bernard Nganou Member Faculty Member, MS Yes August 14, 2024
Abdelnasser Hussein Member Faculty Member, UE Yes August 14, 2024
Heather Goltz Member Faculty Member, CJSW Yes August 14, 2026
Zehai Zhou Member Faculty Member, FNIS Yes August 14, 2026
Yingchun Wang Member Faculty Member, MGTI Yes August 14, 2024
Raghunathan Venugopalan Member Faculty Member, ACCI Yes August 14, 2026
Zhili Tian Member Faculty Member, GMSC Yes August 14, 2026
Ryan Pepper Member UCC Liaison No N/A
Lea Campbell Member Executive Director of Assessment and Accreditation No N/A
Jemma Sylvester-Caesar Member Director, Gator Success Center No N/A
Michelle Moosally Member Associate Vice President for Programming & Curriculum No N/A