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General Scholarship Committee FY24


Reviewing and approving a complete listing of all UHD scholarships.

  • By November 1 of each year, determining which scholarships meet requirements to be identified as a competitive scholarship for tuition waiver purposes.
  • By November 1 of each year, sending a formal letter to all departments identifying all competitive scholarships and waiver criteria for those scholarships.
  • By November 1 of each year, reviewing annually the scholarship listing for proper maintenance.
  • By April of each year. Reviewing and approving the ranking of student scholarship applicant files.


Membership consists of five faculty members (nominated by the deans) from each college, two staff representatives chose through Staff Council procedures, one representatives of University Advancement, and a Financial Aid representative. For purposes of decision-making, a quorum for this committee is at least 50% of the voting members.


Name Role Representation Voting Term Ends
​Susan Thompson Member Coordinator, Prospect Research and Stewardship Yes Ex-Officio
Destiny Anderson Member Staff Member Yes August 14, 2025
​Sheila Ortega ​Member ​Staff Member ​Yes ​​August 14, 2025
Aaron Gillette Member Faculty Member, College of Humanities & Social Science Yes August 14, 2024
Kattia Palacio-Lopez Member Faculty Member, College of Sciences & Technology Yes August 14, 2025
Liza Lane Member Faculty Member, College of Public Service Yes August 14, 2025
Fatemeh Askarzadeh​ Member Faculty Member, Marilyn Davies College of Business Yes August 14, 2024
Roshanna Mitchell Convener Assistant Director, Compliance & Scholarships No Ex-Officio