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Student Publications Advisory Committee FY24


Per PS 04.A.06, this committee formulates, implements, and supervises general policies relating to the student publications. The SPAC also Interviews and selects editors for each of the student publications and a business manager for the student newspaper; interviews and recommends to the president the faculty or staff advisors for the student publications.


The voting members are two student members, one Public Affairs staff person, one Student Services and Enrollment Management staff person, one faculty member nominated from each college by the deans.

The non-voting ex-officio members are the vice president of student services, the director of student activities and events, the student publications' advisors, and the student publications' editors and business managers.


Name Role Representation Voting Term Ends
Danielle Bevan Member Faculty Member, College of Public Service Yes August 14, 2025
Michael Lemke Member Faculty Member, Humanities & Social Science Yes August 14, 2025
Courtney Standlee Member Faculty Member, College of Sciences & Technology Yes August 14, 2025
Jinho Kim Member Faculty Member, Marilyn Davies College of Business Yes August 14, 2024
Ikea Jernigan Member Staff Member Yes August 14, 2024
Shiya Rawls Member Staff Member Yes August 14, 2024
Stalina Villarreal Member Advisor, Bayou Review No Ex-officio
Joe Sample Member Advisor, Dateline No Ex-officio
Indira Zaldivar Member Editor, Dateline No Ex-officio
Diana Ambrosia Member Business Manager, Dateline No Ex-officio
TBD Member General Editor, Bayou Review No Ex-officio
TBD Member Poetry Editor, Bayou Review No Ex-officio
Aiyana McRae Member Prose Editor, Bayou Review No​ Ex-officio​
Indira Galvan Member Student Yes August 14, 2024
​Oluwabusola Okulaja ​Member ​Student ​​​​​Yes ​August 14, 2024