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Study Abroad Risk Management Committee FY24


The Study Abroad Risk Management Committee (SACMC) is responsible for development and review of university risk management protocols, decision-making regarding program locations, and the management of exceptional issues and emergencies that occur in the context of international and study abroad activities at UHD in order to maximize the safety of our students, faculty and staff as well as consider liability to the institution. Each member may also have individual responsibilities based on their position at UHD.


Name Role Representation Voting Term Ends
Cynthia Vargas Member Director, Emergency Management & Fire Yes Ex-Officio
Stefany Records Member Director, Risk Management & Compliance Yes Ex-Officio
Paul Kintzele​ Member Associate Dean, College of Humanities & Social Sciences Yes Ex-Officio
Justo Manrique Member Associate Dean, Marilyn Davies College of Business Yes Ex-Officio
Ermelinda DeLaVina Member Associate Dean, College of Sciences & Technology Yes Ex-Officio
Ashley Blackburn Member Associate Dean, College of Public Service​​ Yes Ex-Officio
Marie Jacinto Member Director, Communication, Advancement & Univeristy Relations Yes Ex-Officio
Branston Harris Member Assistant Dean of Student Life Yes Ex-Officio
David Ryden Member Associate Vice President for Programming & Curriculum Yes Ex-Officio
Claudia Baba Convener Associate Director, International & Study Abroad Programs Yes Ex-Officio
​Poonam Gulati ​Member ​Executive Director, Impact Learning Office ​Yes ​​Ex-Officio