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Ethics Inquiry Team FY24


Per PS 06.A.07, members of the Ethics Inquiry Team may be asked to serve as a member of an Inquiry Team, as necessary, to conduct inquiries into allegations of misconduct in Research, Scholarship, Creative, or Academic activities and draft inquiry reports as required by the policy.


Name Role Representation Voting Term Ends
Kit Cho Member Faculty Member, College of Humanities & Social Sciences Yes August 14, 2025
Michael Cavanaugh Chair Faculty Member, College of Public Service Yes August 14, 2025
Jon Aoki Member Faculty Member, College of Sciences & Technology Yes August 14, 2024
Shohreh Hashemi Member Faculty Member, Marilyn Davies College of Business Yes August 14, 2024​
​Judith Quander ​Convener ​AVP, Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development ​No ​​Ex-Officio