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University Rank & Tenure Committee FY24


The scope and activities of the UHD University Rank and Tenure Committee is to be conducted under the provisions of UHD PS 10.A.01 - Rank and Tenure System. Per the policy timeline, the work of this committee begins in the January, and the committee will be called to meet at that time by the Provost or designee.


Name Role Representation Voting Term Ends
David Epstein Member Faculty, MGTI Yes August 14, 2025
Ohanes​s Paskelian Member Faculty, FNIS Yes August 14, 2025
Xinxin Hu Member Faculty, GMSC Yes August 14, 2024
Diana Pence Member Faculty, ACCI Yes August 14, 2024
Elizabeth Hatfield Member Faculty, A&C Yes August 14, 2025
Vida Robertson Member Faculty, HHL Yes August 14, 2025
William Waters Member Faculty, ENG Yes August 14, 2025
Henry Eliassen Member Faculty, SOS Yes August 14, 2024
Shannon Fowler Member Faculty, CJSW Yes August 14, 2024
Diane Miller Member Faculty, UE Yes August 14, 2024
Jean Nganou Member Faculty, MS Yes August 14, 2025
Weining Feng Member Faculty, CSET Yes August 14, 2025
Gabriela Bowden​ Member Faculty, NS Yes August 14, 2025