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Gator Serve

About GatorServe

GatorServe is a UHD tradition that brings together UHD students, staff, faculty, friends, families and community partners to complete projects in service of our neighbors. GatorServe is held on both Martin Luther King Jr. Day and September 11th as they are National Days of Service.

GatorServe volunteers are prepared to help homeowners, small business owners, non-profits, schools and other community entities with a variety of small tasks. Some examples would be gardening, painting, assisting with household chores, setting up or taking down seasonal decorations or electronics, general cleanup, power washing, small construction projects and so on.​

GatorServe at MLK Day - SP20

Students planting flowers
SP20 GatorServe Group Photo
Day of Service Signin grass
Students Gardening 

Well over 100 volunteers swept, cleaned, gardened, and power washed the campuses of Kashmere Gardens Elementary School (KGES) and Betsy Ross Elementary School (BRES). Murals were painted in the halls and a number of wooden shelves were built to accommodate a resource center. 

GatorServe at 9/11 Day of Remembrance - FL19

GatorServe Group Photo Fall 2019
Students mowing and collecting trash
Students laying mulch
Smaller group photo in front of a house 

Nearly 225 volunteers came together once more to the Fifth Ward community to assist seniors with general chores such as gardening, yard work, general cleanup, and painting. Almost 60 projects were completed, including complementary services to selected homes by Houston's Roof Repair Squad. 

GatorServe at MLK Day - SP19

Two Students Posing near bushes
GatorServe at  MLK Day Spring 2019 Small Group Photo-
Gator Serve MLK Day Group Photo Spring 2019
Students Painting

Over 100 volunteers completed almost 20 projects at GatorServe at MLK 2019, making it our most successful Day of Service yet! Gators completed various projects in the Fifth Ward, from painting, clearing, gardening, and beyond.

GatorServe at 9/11 Day of Remembrance - FL18

 GatorServe at 9/11 Day of Remebrance Fall 2018 Group Photo GatorServe at 9/11 Day of Remebrance Fall 2018 Small Group Photo
Students Painting a Fence GatorServe at 9/11 Day of Remebrance Fall 2018 Small Group Photo
GatorServe 9/11 Spring 2018 was truly amazing! 190 volunteers including 14 student service leaders, UHD faculty and staff worked hard to pull off some amazing projects. Volunteers could sign up for 10 different service projects: 
  • Build Green
  • Clearing out at Friends of Northside
  • DeVine Houston
  • Enlighten to Make a Difference
  • Helping Hands
  • Home in the Heart
  • Operation Woof
  • Organizing the library at Marshall Middle School
  • Saturday Farmers
  • Volunteering at Looscan Elementary

GatorServe at MLK Day - SP18

Students GardeningGatorServe at MLK Day Spring 2018 Small Group Photo
GatorServe at MLK Day Spring 2018 Small Group PhotoMan Painting over graffiti

GatorServe at MLK Day 2018 was a major success! Over 75 volunteers completed 8 service projects. Those projects included covering graffiti on local business storefronts, power washing buildings, maintaining raised garden beds, illegal dumping clean ups, and more! 

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