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Student Complaints

The University of Houston-Downtown seeks to provide fair and objective procedures for addressing student complaints. The purpose of the Student Complaint Form is to provide students with an avenue to submit a concern or complaint that could not be resolved directly with the involved individuals and/or departments.

All complaints should initially be addressed in accordance with the Student Handbook, UHD policies and procedures, and UH System Administrative Memoranda. If a process or procedure was not followed, the Student Complaint form will be forwarded to the appropriate department. Submitting this form does not absolve a student's responsibility for following policies or procedures, nor that the requested resolution can or will be provided.

Please note that the Student Complaint Form should not be used to submit concerns about sexual misconduct, discrimination of a protected class, academic and non-academic appeals, and student conduct.

NOTE: The Student Complaint Form should not be used to report emergencies and/or criminal activity. Please direct emergencies and reports of a crime to UHD Police at 713-221-8065.

Written acknowledgement of receipt of the Student Complaint Form can be expected within one (1) business day.

Submit a Student Complaint Form.