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Concentration in Human Resources

Students inside the classroom

Why Earn an MBA in Human Resources at UHD?

The Human Resources MBA at UHD is a practical and innovative program. Human Resource managers, directors and leaders have contributed in building the program and in shaping the topics taught. The MBA HR program focuses on developing the skills necessary for managing human capital regardless of industry.


Suitable Candidates for the Human Resources MBA Program:

UHD's MBA in Human Resources is for seasoned professionals or candidates seeking to enter the field of HRM. Graduates will gain professional-level knowledge on core principles used in various HRM capacities. This program provides the foundational basics that will serve HRM corporate leaders as they grow in organizational responsibility.


The Skills and Topics Covered in MBA Human Resources Courses Include:

  • Legal aspects of employment law as it relates to the management of people in organizations
  • Understand the short- and long-term impact of acquiring talent in order to position the organization for success
  • Apprehend  various techniques for talent recruitment
  • Ascertain and evaluate the role of human resources in strategically supporting management to develop, engage, and retain talent
  • Develop skills and knowledge in compensation and benefits
  • In depth understanding of the big picture and the HR contributions to make a business successful



To obtain an MBA degree with a Human Resources specialization, students are required to take 10 separate core courses in addition to the student's chosen concentration courses.


Concentration courses are offered in the evenings, one class every eight weeks, and can be completed over the span of 12 months.  Courses are also available in an online format. The courses include the following:

MBA 6330 Legal Environment of Human Resource Management 3
MBA 6332 Talent Acquisition:  Attraction and Selection 3
MBA 6334 Talent Management:  Engaging and Retaining Employees 3
MBA 6336 Compensation and Benefits 3
MBA 6338 Strategic Human Resource Management 3
MBA 6102 Graduate Colloquium  (required for all concentrations) 1
Total Hours   16

Complete descriptions of the above courses can be found in our MBA Human Resources Course Descriptions.

The core courses are included in our soft start and traditional MBA programs. The courses include the following:

MBA 6213 Management of Organizational Behavior 2
MBA 6211 Managerial Decision Making 2
MBA 6203 Managerial Accounting and Budgeting 2
MBA 6208 Marketing Management 2
MBA 6204 Managerial Finance 2
MBA 6205 Management of the Supply Chain 2
MBA 6207 Management of  Information Systems 2
MBA 6212 Managerial Economics 2
MBA 6202 Strategic Management 2
MBA 6216 Capstone B 2
Total Hours   20

Complete descriptions of the above courses can be found in our MBA Core Course descriptions.

Please note that for some MBA candidates, leveling courses may be required.