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Institute for Plain English Research and Study (IPERS)

About the Institute

Founded in 2013, the Institute for Plain English Research and Study (IPERS) serves as a virtual and physical space for interested people to meet and discuss plain language guidelines, new regulations and laws, and their effects on workplace communication. The institute also offers resources, engages in research on the topic, and provides training sessions for UHD students, faculty, staff, and local professionals.

What is Plain Language?

Government agencies such as the SEC and FCC have recognized that when documents addressed to the general public fail to present information clearly and efficiently, people are unable to make informed decisions about their health, rights, and finances. To address these concerns, the agencies and professional organizations have promoted standards focused on accessible, easy-to-follow language and format, referred to as Plain English guidelines. Plain English is intended for use in a range of areas such as government, law, finance, medicine, and education. See “Plain Language: It's the Law” by Center for Plain Language for further details on current regulations.

Forums on Plain English

IPERS has organized several Forums on Plain English at UHD. The forum is a biannual event that aims to bring together practitioners and educators for meaningful discussions of writing issues and training sessions to share new information about the plain language movement and government initiatives. In the past, the event was sponsored by Humanities Texas and the Faculty Development grants at UHD.

Previous Forums

Eighth Forum on Plain English 2021

Seventh Forum on Plain English, 2020 (PDF)

Sixth Forum on Plain English, 2018 (PDF)

Fifth Forum on Plain English, 2016 (PDF)

Fourth Forum on Plain English, 2014(PDF)

Third Forum on Plain English, 2012(PDF)

Second Forum on Plain English, 2010 (PDF)

First Forum on Plain English, 2008 (PDF)

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Faculty Director

Natalia Matveeva
Professor, Corporate Communication
Communication Studies