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B.S. in Psychology

Bachelor of Science

Undergraduate (Bachelors)

Online Completion

Downtown Location

Northwest Location

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The aim of psychology is to improve our understanding of the self and of others, as well as the biological and physiological substrates underlying human and animal behavior and mental processes.

The UHD psychology major teaches students to master skills in research, project development, analysis, and presentation of findings. Graduates who earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at UHD will demonstrate an understanding of the major concepts, discoveries, and historical trends in psychology.

Classes cover several subject areas, including and not limited to:

  • Human Growth and Development
  • Childhood and Adolescence
  • Clinical Studies
  • Cognition, Learning and Behavior
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Statistics and Research Methods
  • Memory
  • Abnormal Psychology

Degree Plan Information

The B.S. in Psychology requirements can be completed online or face-to-face. The following four year degree plan is based on the current UHD academic catalog. Students should meet with a CHSS Academic Advisor to review their degree plan.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology at UHD provides an education that gives students the flexibility and growth potential that employers find valuable. Beyond clinical applications, there are diverse opportunities for graduates to apply a psychology degree in the following industries:

  • Counseling Services
  • Community Relations
  • Market Research
  • Education
  • Human Resources
  • Business Management

Suggested Minors

  • Critical Race Studies - 18 Hours Minimum
  • Biology - 18 Hours Minimum
  • Criminal Justice - 18 Hours Minimum
The B.A. in Pyschology requirements can be completed online or face-to-face.

Degree Coordinator
Ruth Johnson, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology

College of Humanities & Social Sciences Advising


Degree Sheet

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