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Fitness Standards

Cadets running for fitness accessment

The physical fitness assessment is administered to all Peace Officer cadets. The assessment will be conducted at the CJTC during the program. Cadets must pass the assessment before exiting the CJTC peace officer program. Cadets should bring required attire for physical activity i.e. gym shorts, sweatpants, t-shirt, and running shoes.

The three categories assessed are:

  • Maximum number of sit-ups in 1 minute (34 required)
  • Maximum number of push-ups in 1 minute (34 required)**
  • 1.5 mile run in 15 minutes or less

** Male cadets are required to perform standard toe push-ups. Female cadets are allowed to choose between standard (toe) push-ups or modified (knee) push-ups during initial testing as you enter the academy. Whichever type of push-ups the female cadet picks, she must use that same type during all subsequent PT testing and may not switch between standard and modified.

Push-ups and sit-ups will be demonstrated so that all cadets understand the push-up and sit-up requirements.


Cadets running around UHD Campus