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CJ Field Experiences/Internships

What is a Field Experience in Criminal Justice?

At UHD, the Criminal Justice Department designed its field experiences (also known as internships) to help students gain experience within a criminal justice agency while incorporating that experience with academic training.

Field experiences are recommended for criminal justice majors not employed in the criminal justice system. However, practitioners may apply for the field experience in areas of criminal justice other than the one in which they normally functions.

Who May Enroll in CJ 4380 or CJ 4680?

Students must meet the following criteria to enroll in Field Experience CJ 4380 (three hours credit) or CJ 4680 (six hours credit):

  • Student declared a criminal justice major
  • Student completed at least 60 semester hours
  • Student maintained an overall 2.5 Grade Point Average

Important Note: Students who received transfer credit for field experience from another institution are not eligible for the UHD Criminal Justice Field Experience program.

How to arrange Field Experiences

Students can't enroll for the UHD Criminal Justice Department Field Experience course until they receives approval from the UHD Criminal Justice Field Experience Coordinator.

Arrangements must be made for the field experience in advance of registration for the semester in which the student will be doing the field experience.

Are There Paid Field Experience Positions?

  • Paid Field Experience positions are very rare. Most field experiences are coordinated through the respective agency's volunteer office
  • In some instances, an agency may provide a small stipend. However, most field experience positions are volunteer, and therefore, unpaid

Where Can I Do My Field Experience?

  • All field experience locations must be taken in an approved criminal justice or related agency.
  • Students are encouraged to select an agency that represents the type of work they want to pursue after graduation.

How Many Hours Will I Have to Work?

UHD's Department of Criminal Justice awards each field experiences three or six semester credit hours

  • Three hours credit requires a minimum of 120 on-site hours

Note: It is the student's responsibility to develop a work schedule with his/her respective agency that is beneficial to both parties.

Are There Any Other Requirements?

  • Students must keep a daily log of hours worked and activities conducted
  • Additionally, a paper is due at the end of the semester that ties the field experience to the literature addressing issues relevant to the field experience

Who is the Criminal Justice Field Experience Coordinator?

The Criminal Justice Field Experience Coordinator is Prof. Elizabeth Gilmore. To contact the Coordinator, please email or call 713-221-2757.

Register today! We look forward to working with you to tailor your academic program to your career goals. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the program advisor.

For more information in applying at UHD, visit the UHD Admission page.