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Application to the Teacher Education Program

The Teacher Candidacy Application window for Spring 2024 (Summer/Fall start) is now open and will close on Friday, 15 March. Interviews will begin after Spring Break.


Please review the following information carefully:

  • Only EC-6 ESL and EC-6 Bilingual teacher candidates may begin PD 1 during Summer 2024.
  • EC-6 ESL will have daytime and evening options at the Downtown Campus only.
  • EC-6 Bilingual cohorts will have the following three options, contingent upon enrollment:
    • Downtown Campus: daytime and evening options
    • Northwest Campus: daytime option
    • Kingwood Campus: evening option

If there is low enrollment at the courses above, summer PD1 courses may be offered only at the Downtown Campus location. You will still be able to attend PD2 classes at the campus of your choice in Fall 2024. Applications for EC-12 Special Education, 4-8 ESL, and Secondary will be accepted ONLY for a fall semester start. There will not be a summer option for these certifications.

Instructions for Completing the Urban Education Application for Teacher Candidacy in Tk20/WatermarkTM

  1. Review the Urban Education Student Application video
  • Log into Tk20/WatermarkTM at using your UHD Username and Password (For example, would log in with the user name: doej and password).
  • Hint: Never Use the Back Button.
  • Make sure all OFFICIAL transcripts from outside institutions (LSC, HCC, etc.) have been sent to the University of Houston-Downtown. Your application cannot be evaluated without access to this information..
  • Select the green tab toward the middle of the page titled: Create New Application
  • Select UE Application for Teacher Candidacy for the certification area, and semester you plan to enter teacher candidacy and the (ex. UE Application for Teacher Candidacy_BIL Fall_2020).
  • Contact the UHD Cashier's Office to pay the $35 program application fee. Your application will not be processed without a receipt showing that this fee has been paid 
  • Once you reach the bottom of the screen, you will see several options:
  • SAVE: Return Later
  • CLOSE: Exit and withdraw your application
  • SUBMIT: Send your application for official review
  • PREV: Return to previous page
  • NEXT: Button inactive
  • When your application is ready, enter your initials and click Submit to send your application for official review. 
  • If you have forgotten your UHD GatorMail username and password, please contact UHD Information Technology Help Desk:
IT Help Desk
Phone: 713-221-8031

For assistance with Tk20/WatermarkTM or the UE application log in process, please contact the Tk20 Unit Administrator at: