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Refunds will be disbursed through BankMobile according to your selected refund preference. Refunds for students who receive financial aid must be reviewed by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to determine if the refund must be returned to a financial aid program. 

Find ATMs serviced by Allpoint (ATM availability varies by location).

Complete Withdrawal Refunds

The refund percentage for complete withdrawal is based upon a 100% payment of tuition and fees at registration. Any refund will be reduced by any balance (financial obligation) that remains on the student account. Financial aid may be applied towards balances within the same aid year before a refund is issued. Cash, credit card, check, or money order payments may be applied to other balances on the student’s account before any refund is issued.

See Academic Calendars for withdrawal and refund dates.

Partial Withdrawal Refunds
If a student officially drops some but not all courses by the Official Day of Record as listed in the Academic Calendar, an 100% reduction in tuition and mandatory fee charges will be issued for the dropped courses. After the Official Day of Record for the session, there will be no reduction in charges for partial withdrawals. Students must meet all financial obligations prior to receiving a refund.

Please note that not all charges assessed by the University are refundable.

Where will my refund go?

Did I make any out of pocket payment using a credit card?


  1. Refund issued back on the credit card
  2. Up to the original amount paid
  3. Difference issue to BankMobile Disbursement
  1. Entire refund issued to BankMobile Disbursement


Example: Tiffany's balance for the term is $2000. She makes her first installment payment of $500 using a credit card on August 15th. On August 19th, Tiffany's financial aid is disbursed towards her account for $5000. Student Business Services applies the financial aid towards the $2000 balance and now shows a refund of $3000. Since Tiffany paid $500 with her credit card, $500 will be refunded back to the credit card she used and $2500 will be refunded to her BankMobile refund preference.
If you made an out of pocket payment using cash or check, your entire refund will issued to BankMobile.


You can use these easy steps to check the status of your refund. If a credit is on:

Financial Aid and/or Scholarships

a. Select your refund preference through BankMobile

b. Check to see that your aid has been posted to your account

If your aid does not appear in the payment portion of your Account Statement, the Financial Aid Office has either not received your aid or has not completed processing it.

c. If your balance is negative, this is the pending refund that you will receive through BankMobile, via your selected refund preference on the next processing date

Cash, Check, E‐Check and/or Money Order

a. Select a refund preference through BankMobile

b. Refunds for these payments will begin processing after the official day of record and will be sent to you through BankMobile, via your selected refund preference, on the next processing date

Credit Cards

a. Credit Card refunds will be processed back to the card used for the original transaction

b. Credit Card refunds for dropped classes will begin processing after the official day of record

c. Allow 7‐10 business days for your refund to be processed


If your financial aid has not been posted or if you have any additional questions regarding your aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 713‐221‐8041 or at

If you have any additional questions regarding your refund or BankMobile, please contact a Student Business Services representative at