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Certificate of Interested Parties

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Effective January 1, 2016, all contracts valued at $1 million or more (whether they are to be signed, amended, or extended):

That meet the following qualifications:
  1. The total contract value (revenue or expense), considering all possible extensions, equals or exceeds $1 million OR
  2. The contract must otherwise be approved by the Board of Regents (e.g., all real estate purchases must be approved by the Board, regardless of dollar amount).

This includes:

  1. Both revenue and expense contracts, and
  2. Contracts paid with state or local funds.

This excludes:

  1. Sponsored research agreements, and
  2. Interagency agreements
Must include in the contract package:
  1. Contract Coversheet
  2. Unsigned contract
  3. Board of Regents approval


Procedures to Comply with this New Requirement 

  1. Departments seeking to enter into a new contract, amendment, or extension after December 31, 2015, when the contract value equals or exceeds $1 million or must be approved by the Board of Regents, must submit an unsigned contract and proof of Board of Regents approval (i.e., memo from the Board of Regents Office) to UHD Contract Administration for review.  The Contract Coversheet has been updated to reflect this requirement.

  2. UHD Contract Administration will send the contract package to UHS Office of Contracts Administration for review and approval. UHS OCA will forward the approved contract to UHS Finance.

  3. UHS Finance will complete the first three questions on the Certificate of Interested Parties form, including the UHS contract number, and email the form to the vendor to complete and sign the form.  The vendor will return the completed form to UHS Finance.

  4. UHS Finance will (a) email the completed form to the Texas Ethics Commission and (b) notify UHD Contract Administration that they can obtain signatures on the contract.

  5. The Texas Ethics Commission will publish the completed "Certificate of Interested Parties" form on their website within seven days of receiving it.  We don't expect the Texas Ethics Commission to "approve" the disclosure form, though they may contact us if they have any concerns.