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Vendor Information

Bidders Protest Procedures:

Open Records/Texas Public Information Act Request- Open Records Request (Texas Public Information Act) should be made through the UH Office of General Counsel. This link will provide access to the formal process.

Procurement Plan:

The following procedure has been submitted to Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS) as part of the University of Houston-Downtown Procurement Plan.

The UHD shall award to the vendor who offers the best value to the institution.

UHD uses all relevant government statues and regulations in a manner which protects the interest of the University.

Any vendor responding as a bidder to either a single item purchase or term contracts may elect to file formal protest in the award of any contract that exceeds $5,000 within five (5) business days of the award. The Purchasing department must be able to justify its actions in the award of the bid.

The protest is initially adjudicated by the Purchasing department. If the vendor is not satisfied with Purchasing initial decision and finds it unacceptable, the vendor has the right to file the protest with the Vice President for Administration and Finance. 

Formal Procurement Solicitation: