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iRadio Opportunities

iRadio Internships:

Communication Studies majors seek internships in junior/senior years and the internet station will be a natural entry. Required number of interns will be secured before start date, including ample time to be trained by technical staff.

Faculty Internship Contact: Coordinator of Communication Studies, Dr. Ashley Archiopoli

For communication majors, no more than 6 semester credit hours of internship/field experience coursework are permitted.

For communication minors, no more than 3 semester credit hours of internship/field experience coursework are permitted.

Field Experience Information (COMM 4380)

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Station Manager: Responsible for overseeing all aspects of UHDiRadio operation. This includes: working with all members of the executive committee and faculty sponsors to ensure that they can carry out their duties, and in creating station policies to promote productivity, fairness, and inclusion. The station manager will lead weekly staff meetings for the general and executive staff; and consult and collaborate with the faculty sponsor(s) and the appropriate student organization on policies, purchases, and overall professionalism. The station manager will be well-versed in the technical, professional, and creative operations of the station. The station manager will listen to the station weekly to find areas in which talent and engineers may improve. The station manager is essential to the technical and professional cohesiveness of the station.

Program Manager: Responsible for solving problems and making decisions about types of programs played on the air, including the schedule for the entire program inventory. The program director also organizes program logs, loads media files, and helps troubleshoot problems associated with board operation.

Music DirectorResponsible for producing all the music that is sent to the station. This includes emails and physical copies of music. It is then the duty of the music director to sift through the music sent and, in consultation with appropriate talent, determine what music to add for that week. As a necessary process for consultation, this director is to take notes about the music to explain reasons the music would or would not fit UHDiRadio format. Also, the music director keeps track of the music and report to proper agencies.

News and Sports Director: Responsible for overseeing content developed for reporters and on-air talents for news & sports. The position requires a proven ability for editing, clear writing, and constructing efficient, radio-friendly communication. This director will collaborate with appropriate talent and assist in endorsing events chosen to be reported in news and sports.

Creative Production Director: Responsible for creating and managing all production that is played on air. This includes legal IDs, promotions for shows and events, and breakers. They are also responsible for creating voice and music breakers and montages every semester to go along with the new content added to the station. The Creative Production Director is also responsible for working with different station departments to make sure that their production is up to date., and for working closely with the program director to ensure continuity.  

Technical Supervisor: Responsible for seeing that all technical resources and facilities are operational. This supervisor will collect notes about any issues, repairs, or related concerns about technical aspects of the station, and report those issues to the station manager immediately to ensure the smooth operation of the station.  

Talent/Hosts: Responsible for the research and performance tasks necessary for every on air-program.

Board OperatorsResponsible for the engineering tasks required for each program. Duties include loading media/music files, orchestrating talent flow, and possible on-air notifications about weather alerts, traffic, and safety-related issues.

Social Media AdministratorResponsible for managing and executing all social media channels required to promote and highlight UHDiRadio. Channels include, but are not limited to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As part of these campaigns, the social media manager must create and edit graphics, banners, and logos for online distribution and promotion. Online posts are to spotlight featured artists, interviews, events, and to promote programming and events that may not be familiar to, but still essential to the target audience. A comprehensive understanding and application of social media is required, as well as an understanding of audience targeting. 

Programmer/Faculty Advisor:

Talent/Programmers: For Spring 2018, advisor may identify talent through student assignments and/or volunteers from Fall 2017 courses and/or previous courses, and/or internships**.

Technical: Drawn from Tech/IT Staff

*The above formula coupled with student applications completed in the Office of Student Activities. These applications are then relayed to the faculty advisor. This configuration TBA after preparatory semester, Fall 2017.