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Faculty Tutoring

Math Faculty Tutors​

The C4MS2 maintains a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and reduces student anxiety about learning mathematics and statistics. Meet our experienced UHD Math Faculty tutors.

Bui, Trinh
Douglas, Jamal
Dozier, John
Hallaway, Joyce
Heydari, Fariborz
Lazo, Iride
Muire, Kit
Nganou, Jean
Nguyen, Ha
Porterfield, Mike
​Rehman, Ash
Simeonov, Plamen
Simmons, Anna
Zafiris, Vasilis

Available Tutoring Options

  • Online: Schedule an online session with a tutor at UHD NAVIGATE. Meet and share your assignments with a tutor via Zoom.
  • In-Person: Sche​dule a in-person session with a tutor at UHD N​AVIGATE. Meet and share your assignments with a tutor​ in-person.