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Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate


The Fastest Growing Sector in Security is Cybersecurity

Protecting an organization from cyber threats is a challenge that continues to broaden in scope and complexity, as dependence on computing systems for business and other areas of life increases. Internet of Things, a larger and faster cellular network, and the growing need for mobile computing and constant connectivity, have all contributed to an increase in the average attack surface. 

The courses offered in the Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate at UHD target specific skillsets that are in high demand in the industry. These areas of study expose the students to both conceptual and operational realities through experiential learning and real-world considerations. Instructors use a risk-based approach and decision modelling techniques to reinforce both preemptive and reactive security event management principles. The graduate certificate in Cybersecurity can be taken as a separate program of study or as part of the cybersecurity concentration at UHD’s master’s degree in Security Management.


“Closing the gap in administrative efforts between cybersecurity resources and an organization’s goals and objectives is the key to staying ahead of both adversarial and non-adversarial threats. This program prepares students accordingly.”

— Jude Ejiobi
MSM Program Director