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Cybersecurity and Enterprise Security Concentrations

Students will complete 7 (21 semester credit hours) courses in the MSM Core and 5 (15 semester credit hours) courses in their chosen concentration of Cybersecurity or Enterprise Security.  

MSM Core for all students who wish to complete the degree

SM 6360 Enterprise Security Management
SM 6362 Risk Assessment and Abatement 
SM 6364 Legal Issues for Security Executives
SM 6365 Cyber Crime and Computer Forensics
MGT 6301 Leadership, Motivation and Communication for Security Executives
MGT 6302 Human Resources Management for Security Executives 
MGT 6332 Managerial Decision Making for Security Executives
(All courses are 3 semester hours)
Enterprise Security Concentration

SM 6361 Managing Corporate Investigations
SM 6367 Global Perspectives in Security Management
SM 6370 Current Issues in Security Management
SM 6376 Enterprise Security Solutions
SM 6371 Enterprise Security Capstone
(All courses are 3 semester hours)
Cybersecurity Concentration

SM 6366 Cybersecurity Program Design and Operations
SM 6368 Information Security-Focused on Data Security 
SM 6369 Cyber-Networked Security
SM 6374 Organizational Resilience 
SM 6375 Cyber Operations Capstone 

(All courses are 3 semester hours.  The cybersecurity may be taken as an 18-hour standalone graduate certificate that would include SM 6365 form the core) 

Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 overall GPA in order to earn a Master of Security Management.