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Bachelors of Science Computer Science Majors Fast Track to Masters of Science in Data Analytics

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Program Description

In response to the need for advanced education in Computer Science and Data Analytics, a Fast Track option is made available to well-qualified UHD undergraduate Computer Science majors. The Fast Track option is designed to accelerate a student's education so that both Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) and Master of Science in Data Analytics (MSDA) degrees can be earned in lesser time. Exceptional undergraduate students in their junior and senior year can apply to include approved Data Analytics Graduate courses as part of the Computer Science undergraduate degree plan. When Fast Track students graduate with their CS bachelors degree, they receive prioritized consideration for acceptance into to MSDA program at UHD without need to take the Graduate Records Exam (GRE).

Who Should Apply?

Exceptional Junior (60+ hours) or Senior (90+ hours) standing Computer Science majors who are serious about continuing their education towards the field of data analytics. Applicants will also need to meet the following qualifications listed under the Admission Requirements.a

B.S. Computer Science to M.S. Data Analytics Fast Track Requirements


Fast Track students take the following 2 MSDA courses (6 graduate semester credit hours) that may be used to complete the baccalaureate degree and also to satisfy requirements for the MSDA degree if these courses are completed with grades of B or better. These students would have only 30 semester credit hours of graduate coursework still needed to complete the MSDA degree when they are enrolled in the MSDA program:
  • CS 5301 Programming Foundations for Data Analytics
  • CS 5318 Database Management Systems


In addition, for the Computer Science undergraduate degree plan, fast track students have the same requirements as the non-Fast Track students except:
  • Fast Track students do not receive credit for taking CS 4319 Statistical and Machine Learning, and CS 4318 Database Systems.
  • Fast Track students take CS 5318 instead of CS 4318 as part of their Computer Science required courses.
  • CS 5301 will be credited towards 3 hours of Computer Science upper-level electives. 


Remaining in Fast Track Program

In order to remain in good standing, a Fast Track student must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 overall
  • Must earn a grade of B or better in all graduate courses. Courses in which a student earns a passing grade below B shall only count towards the BSCS degree and will not count for the MSDA degree.
  • Must not repeat more than three courses, and must not repeat any course more than once.

If at any time, these requirements are not fulfilled, the student will be put on probation for one semester. A Fast Tack student can be put on probation at most once. The student will be dropped from the Fast Track if these requirements are still not fulfilled during the probation semester. Any graduate credits successfully earned can be applied to the BSCS degree only, and the benefits of the Fast Track option will not apply.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the BSCS to MSDA Fast Track degree are designed to identify applicants who have the ability, interest, and qualities necessary to complete the program. Admission is competitive and selective. Applicants must demonstrate that they possess the abilities, interests, and qualities necessary to successfully complete the program.

  • Completed at least 15 semester credit hours at UHD.
  • Has not repeated more than 3 courses at UHD
  • Has not repeated any Computer Science course more than once
  • Has an overall 3.0 GPA for all college coursework (*Not just the UHD GPA)
  • Has completed the following benchmark courses, with an average six course GPA of at least 3.20:
  • CS1410, CS2301 , CS2302, CS2410, CS3304, CS3306

Degree Plan Requirements

How to Apply



Summer Term - First Friday in March

Fall Term - First Friday in May

Spring Term - First Friday in October 

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