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Degree Plan - Bachelor of Art in Mathematics Major Secondary Mathematics Teacher Certification

Woman teaching math to young students.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics is designed to provide students with the foundation of a liberal arts education and a broad overview of modern mathematics and its applications, while also emphasizing the power, depth, and beauty inherent in the subject. This degree plan is specifically designed for students who intend to teach high school mathematics. Therefore, the Urban Education Concentration is required. 

The mathematical component of this plan is designed to prepare students to develop and use analytical and problem-solving skills, to master mathematical techniques required in related fields of application, and to enter the employment market with relevant and proficient mathematical tools. This degree offers many features to enhance a student’s educational experience: an approved university concentration; sustained development of writing and speaking proficiency. It will help prepare students for various graduate or professional programs including mathematics and mathematics education. A student of this program, after completing the courses listed in the Mathematics Core, may then choose mathematics electives that seem most suitable to their interests. Several suggested tracks are given with recommended electives. Students are encouraged to consult their advisors for further suggestions about which electives are most suitable, based on their goals and preferences. The degree requires a minimum of 120 semester credit hours as indicated below. Students must have a grade of C or better in any course in computer science, mathematics or statistics that is applied towards the degree.


The following four-year degree plan is based on the UHD 2016-2017 academic catalog. Students should meet with a UHD Academic Advisor to develop their own plan.


Students may be admitted to and declare a major in Mathematics Major Secondary Mathematics Teacher Certification if they meet the following criteria:

Admission and Declaration of Major





We aim to foster your academic, personal, and professional goals. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the program coordinator.

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