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Safety Training

Safety Training

Training and education are primary means of achieving a safe and healthy working and learning environment. The Environmental Health and Safety Office offers a wide variety of safety training courses to Faculty, Staff, Students and Visitors. 

UHD Employees are required to take one or more safety training courses depending upon the type of work they perform. The EHS Office will provide guidance for supervisors and their workers to identify common employee training requirements and recommened courses. The supervsior must identify other training needs that is required to assist employees to perform their job safely. 

Below is a list of training topics offered by the EHS Office. Contact the EHS Office if you have any questions about the topics offered. 


Training Topic: Purpose: 
Asbestos Awareness Informs about potential hazards associated with the presence of asbestos containing material (ACM) in properties owned or maintained by the University and to prevent accidental exposure

Back Injury Prevention Reviews ergonomical lifting techniques to ensure occupational inury reduction and improve overall work quality

Bloodborne Pathogens Reviews and identifies workers who are at risk of exposure to bloodborne pathognes as well as indentifies key aspects of the Exposure Control Plan

Compressed Gas Cylinders Safety Reviews the do's and don’t's of use, handleing, and storage of comrpessed gases

Confined Space Identifies the hazards associated with confined spaces and proper protocals for breaking the plane of entry into a confined space

Fall Protection Reviews the requirements of fall protection and provides hands on training with fall protection equipment

General Safety Overview of general safety guidelines and EHS role in the Univeristy's safety program

Hazardous Communication Reviews the Right-to-Know Act and general recognition of chemical hazards

Hazardous Energy Control Provides review of personal protection from injury due to unexpected energization, startup, or release of stored energy for persons working in, on, or around equipment or machinery when it is being maintained, operated, repaired, or serviced

Hazardous Material Handling Reviews federal regulations for handling and storage of hazardous materials

Injury Reporting Provides procedures for reporting injuries and near misses

Laboratory Safety Provide faculty, staff, and students a general review of lab safety measures

Ladder Safety Review of selection and use of ladders for working safely at heights

Personal Protection Equipment Provides overview of selection, proper care, and usage of personal protective equipements

Hand and Power Tool Safety Provides general safety techniques for operating hand and power tools

Resource Conservation Recovery Act Reviews hazards waste regulations, classificaions, and disposal protocals 

Specail Events Safety Overview of general event safety topics, including brief introduciton of food, decoration, and fire safety 

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures Provides response protocals for spill incidents to avoid oil products from reaching navigable waters

Walking Working Surfaces Reviews general practicies to avoid injuries from slips, trips, and falls