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Scholarship Steward Information

Scholarship Memo Procedures

Department/College Scholarship Memos will be processed in the order that they are received. I have attached a copy of this document. Please note that I cannot process your Scholarship Memo(s) without Chris Rodney’s signature approval. Departments/Colleges are advised to request access Share Point, from the Provost’s office, if needed.

Once you have submitted your Scholarship Memos to the Provost’s Office for approval, please continue checking your SharePoint account. Once your Scholarship Memo(s) have been approved, please send me the approved PDFs. I only need the Scholarship Memo to process your awards, therefore, you do not need to include your supporting documentation. However, Chris Rodney needs this information for approval.

Please check with Chris Rodney’s office to make sure she will be available to approve your Scholarship Memos in advance of the deadlines that I have indicated below to the Scholarship Office. Please be mindful of your submission dates to the Provost’s Office, in order to give them ample time to review, approve, and summit your Scholarship Memo(s) to the Scholarship Office for processing.

If your Department/College decides to wait to submit your Scholarship Memo(s) to Chris Rodney after submission deadline dates, please advise your students to make other payment arrangements. Please note that you may submit Scholarship Memos after the payment deadline dates. However these students will need to make other payment arrangements through the Student Accounting/Cashier’s Office to prevent their courses from being dropped.

Scholarship Memo Procedures

Step 1.

Complete Scholarship Memo(s) by providing the following required information:

  1. Name of Scholarship
  2. Department
  3. Department Contact
  4. PeopleSoft Cost Center Account
  5. Item Type Number – Awards cannot be processed without this number. (The contact for setting up Item Type number is Krystal LeBlanc , Director of Student Accounting)
  6. Phone Ext.
  7. Student’s Last Name, First Name
  8. Student’s ID #
  9. Term code to apply the award
  10. Award amount
  11. Verify Hours Enrolled – the Department is responsible for verifying hours in PeopleSoft.
  12. Indicate student's residency – International/Non-resident=YES Texas Resident and Tex. Res. HB1403=NO - This information must be verified each term, since Residency information can change during the year.
  13. Grant Information – YES or NO
  14. Additional Notes: Reason for adjustment – Misc. Notes – Additional Award, etc.
  15. Approver names and signatures
  16. Total – This field will automatically populate on form.
  17. Enter Fund Balance

You may submit one comprehensive list, if there are multiple students to be awarded. Never overlap awards by using the same list to award additional students that you have already awarded on a prior list. You must create a new Scholarship Memo(s), if you need to add additional students under the same Banner Detail code and term. Please do not mix term awards on the same Scholarship Memo(s), each semester should be handled separately.

Supporting documentation should be included with the Scholarship Memo(s) that you submit to the Provost’s office for approval. The Assistant Director of Scholarships does not need a copy of your supporting documentation for processing awards

Step 2.

Obtaining Approvals:

Approvals from the appropriate division/department head(s) assigned to review your scholarship awards are required prior to the processing of your Scholarship Memo(s). All Departments/Colleges are advised to request access Share Point, in order to obtain a copy of your approved Scholarship Memos from the Provost’s Office. Also please check with the Provost’s Office, if you need instructions on how to obtain access to SharePoint.

Step 3.

Submitting Scholarship Memos:

The Department/College is required to send a copy of the Scholarship Memo(s) with completed signature approvals to the Assistant Director of Scholarships for processing. Awards will not be posted if the Scholarship Memo(s) is not signed by Chris Rodney. I will also receive a copy of the approved memo from Chris Rodney for a check and balance. It is important that the Assistant Director of Scholarships receives this information from the College/Department and from Chris Rodney, to make sure that no scholarship memos are missed in the processing.

Also, the College/Department is expected to keep a hard copy of their approved Scholarship Memo(s) along with all the supporting documents for their records for auditing purposes and departmental reconciliations.

Submission of incomplete or inaccurate information may cause a delay in the posting of the scholarship awards for your students. Please note that in order to allow sufficient time for processing scholarship awards, the Assistant Director of Scholarships must receive your completely approved Scholarship Memo(s) by the deadline date specified for each term. If the Assistant Director of Scholarships does not receive your department’s completely approved Scholarship Memo(s) by the deadline dates, it is possible that your scholarship awards may not be applied in time to meet the Tuition Payment deadline dates.

Step 4.

Removal of Scholarship Awards

Please keep in mind that it is each department’s ongoing responsibility to monitor students’ enrollment hours. If a student withdraws from a program and is no longer eligible to receive an award, please submit a revised Scholarship Memo to remove/cancel awards. It has been my experience that the best time to proceed with monitoring of enrollment hours is just after the last day to drop and add classes. However, if you may submit a revised scholarship memo as soon as you have a firm confirmation from the student that they will not be able to fulfill your department’s enrollment requirements.

Please contact the Assistant Director of Scholarships in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, if you have any questions regarding these procedures.