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The following competencies clearly define how employees successfully perform their job duties and contribute to the university's success. Refer to your job description for the competencies assigned to your particular position.

(See the Staff Competencies PDF for a full list of complete descriptions)
Shared Values (required for all jobs)
Commitment to Excellence
Respect and Cooperation
Work Behaviors (required for all jobs)
Proficiency - Possesses required job skills and applies those skills
Dependability - Takes responsibility, meets deadlines, accepts new assignments and meets attendance requirements
Flexibility - Adjusts to changes, views changes as opportunities and has a positive attitude toward change
Customer Service (one of these three competencies is required for all jobs)
Customer Relations Management - Manages customer service
Focus on Customer Service - Interacts with customers
Communicates Effectively - Minimal interaction with customers
Student Success (one of these two competencies is required for all jobs)
Student Success Direct Support - Contributes to student success through careful monitoring of student progress
Student Success Indirect Support - Contributes to student success and supports the student experience
Job Specific (18 competencies specific to a group of jobs within these 6 categories. Jobs may have have at most one competency from each category. Not every job will have a competency from every category.)
ADMINISTRATIVE - Organizational Management, Operations Management, Financial Management, Project Management
PEOPLE MANAGEMENT - Supervision, Work Leadership
ANALYTICAL - Decision Making, Problem Solving, Research and Analysis
COMMUNICATIONS - Building External Relationships, Instruction/Training, Writing Proficiency
OPERATIONAL - Computer/Automated System Proficiency, Equipment Operation, Public Safety
TECHNICAL - Technical Expertise, Functional Expertise, Support Proficiency (hardware and software)


(See the Administrative Staff Competencies PDF for a full list of complete descriptions)
Shared Values (required for all jobs)
Commitment to Excellence
Respect and Cooperation
Work Behaviors (required for all jobs)
Leadership - Leads organizational unit
Accountability - Accountable for the organizational unit
Change Management - Manages change within the organizational unit
Administrative (required of all jobs)
Strategic Planning - Organizational unit's goals and objectives
Talent Management - Management of organizational unit's employees
Financial Administration - Management of organizational unit's budget
Organizational Engagement - Represents organizational unit


(See the Supervisor Assessment Competencies PDF for a full list of complete descriptions)
Works towards building commitment and loyalty to the University among employees. Sets an example by demonstrating a high level of concern for students, employees, and the organization as a whole. Fosters an environment where customer service and excellence are priorities and employees are encouraged to challenge themselves to meet attainable goals. Assesses situations and identifies factors that may support or hinder progress towards departmental, divisional, and University goals.
Demonstrates the ability to plan, organize, direct, and control staff efficiently and effectively. Delegates tasks as needed. Defines roles and responsibilities and provides regular feedback. Performs a good role model, coach, and mentor. Handles multiple assignments and priorities while fulfilling all projects, initiatives, and commitments. Looks for ways to improve effectiveness by implementing new ideas and more efficient approaches. Provides positive reinforcement and encouragement to foster good performance. Takes timely and appropriate corrective disciplinary actions with employees, as needed.
Personal Characteristics
Shows willingness to assume responsibility for decisions and actions and is flexible and cooperative in working with top-level administrators and colleagues. Adjusts to changes and manages stress. Shows good judgment and encourages and supports others. Demonstrates a positive and effective approach. Manages time effectively by meeting deadlines and completing assignments in a timely manner. Stays on task while producing high-quality output. Consistently exhibits a high level of professionalism in personal demeanor and appearance.
Job Knowledge
Technically and professionally skilled in all position responsibilities and duties.
Communicates well both orally and in writing. Typically resolves problems, controversial issues, or complaints without referral to higher sources. Listens and responds to colleagues’ ideas, needs and suggestions. Effectively conducts and participates in meetings and conveys information for the good of the University without attributing blame or responsibility.
Human Relations
Secures cooperation and obtains good results. Develops and educates others. Treats subordinates fairly and demonstrates sensitivity and awareness in relating to people. Secures trust and respect and develops teamwork. Effectively recruits and selects subordinates. Secures input from those who work for them.
Professional Development
Promotes professional development activities and provides staff time off to attend on- and off campus learning activities. Ensures staff receive training and developmental opportunities to enhance job knowledge and skills required for position. Views training and development as an investment and uses other methods to enhance skills and experience. Encourages personal development activities.
Institutional Compliance
Protects University assets (e.g. property/equipment, materials/supplies, financial resources, etc.) and sensitive information to reduce institutional liability. Demonstrates and promotes compliance with UHS and internal policies and procedures to reduce risk.