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10 Faculty

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Policy Statement Number Policy Title Effective Date
10.A.01 Rank and Tenure System 01/05/21
10.A.02 Faculty Grievance Policy 09/01/23
10.A.03 Academic Appointments Rescinded
10.A.04 Faculty Teaching Workload 09/01/22
10.A.05 Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Performance Evaluations 09/01/22
10.A.06 University of Houston-Downtown Faculty Dismissal Policy and Procedures 05/04/15
10.A.07 Non-Reappointment of Probationary Tenure-Track Faculty 04/27/18
10.A.08 University Funded Faculty Leave Program 07/20/20
10.A.09 Faculty Salary Adjustments 01/22/07
10.A.10 Granting Emeritus Status to Faculty/Privileges of Emeritus Status 06/27/14
10.A.11 Annual Evaluation of Department Chairmen
See PS 10.A.17 Department Chair Policy
10.A.12 Annual Evaluation of Academic Deans 04/27/20
10.A.13 Faculty Employment Policies 05/31/19
10.A.14 Faculty Leaves Not Funded by the University 04/27/20
10.A.15 Adjunct Lecturers Rescinded
10.A.16 Performance Evaluation of Tenured Faculty 09/01/23
10.A.17 Department Chair Policy 05/23/18
10.A.18 Faculty Ombuds Policy 06/14/21
10.A.19 Tenured & Tenure Track Academic Appointments 01/05/21
10.A.20 Non-Tenured & Non-Tenure Track Academic Appointments 06/14/21
10.A.21 Lecturer Policy 06/14/21
10.A.22 Interim Adjunct Policy 09/01/22
10.A.23 Extension of the Probationary Period for Tenure-Track Faculty 06/14/21
10.A.24 University Faculty Development Award Program 06/14/21
SAM 06.A.09 Academic Personnel Policies (Revised 2018) 03/27/18