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08 Information Systems

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Policy Statement Number Policy Title Effective Date
08.A.01 Review of Information Systems Resources Requests 09/17/21
08.A.02 Information Systems Policies, Procedures, Standards, and Plans 09/17/21
08.A.03 Academic Technology Committee Policy 09/17/21
08.A.04 Computer Access, Security and Use Policy 09/17/21
08.A.05 Academic Computing Services 09/17/21
08.A.06 University Website Policy 11/30/21
SAM 07.A.03 Responsibilities for Information Technology Resources 02/18/19
SAM 07.A.04 Digital Millennium Copyright Act 03/30/22
SAM 07.A.06 E-Mail Retention Retired - combined with SAM 03.H.01
SAM 07.A.07 Use of Electronic Messaging Services by Employees 03/25/16
SAM 07.A.08 Data Classification and Protection 12/15/17
SAM 07.A.10 Information Security Program 11/25/20
SAM 07.A.11 Information Security Incident Reporting and Investigation 05/03/23