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Faculty Development Awards

Faculty Development Award Program–

The FDA program provides small project awards to support and enhance the University's educational mission and enrich its faculty. Awards are competitive and will be designated to projects that support faculty development and agency. Awards provide financial support for the development of faculty in key areas of faculty life, including, but not limited to teaching, service, scholarship, creative activities, and leadership.

The number or awards and amount of each award is decided based on available funds and will be announced each fall.

Faculty release time is not supported by Faculty Development Projects grants. Faculty Development does not include the execution of a particular research, scholarly, or creative project; funding for the research/scholarly/creative enterprise is provided by the Organized Research and Creative Activities (ORCA) Program.

Faculty Development awards must advance the Mission and Vision of UHD, focus on faculty teaching expertise, and have historically not funded student travel and/or participation.

To qualify for internal funding through the FDA Program, each proposal will be evaluated using criteria listed on the FDA Evaluation Rubric. The rubric that will be used to score proposals in a given funding cycle will be made available to faculty at the time the Request for Proposals and FDA Request Form documents are sent to faculty and staff who are eligible for the award. The RFP will be made available by the 2nd Monday in September for the academic year.


Please see PS-10.A.24 - University Faculty Development Award Program for more information about guidelines and processes for this program. Email questions to Dr. Judith Quander, Interim AVP for Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs at