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Getting Started with Teaching Online

Getting Started with Teaching Online: UHD-Supported Technology Tools and a Few Best Practices for Each

Are you new to teaching online? Here in the CTLE, we are not only happy to assist you with starting off right, but we’re also there for you every step of the way as you grow as an online educator. You will first want to get some basic technology training under your belt. Technology assistance is offered through our neighbors, the Technology Teaching & Learning Center (TTLC). We recommend that you work with them first to get trained on the following instructional technology. Contact the TTLC by emailing, or by calling 713-221-8200. You can also use this form to request technology training. Once you have a working knowledge of the tools, we are happy to help you leverage them all in sound pedagogical ways to create meaningful learning experiences for your students. Make an appointment with us at for pedagogical, course design, and course redesign consultations. Remember also that at UHD, it is university policy that standards and best practices with regards to online instruction are set by the departments, so check with your chair about your area's specific technological training and pedagogical training required to be qualified to teach online courses. 


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