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Online Course Development Initiative


OCDI: Online Course Development Initiative

The Online Course Development Initiative (OCDI) is for the creation of new online undergraduate courses or revision of existing courses. Priority scoring will be given to applications for courses that, when added to the current online offerings, will lead to new opportunities for students to complete a given degree online. Courses created as part of this initiative are meant to be shared with other instructors so that the maximum number of students can benefit from the design. Faculty applicants may include colleagues in their course development project, but the award is per course. OCDI awards are for faculty interested in designing, facilitating, and reflecting on engaging online asynchronous courses that align with the highest standards of any online rubric. OCDI courses are designed in spring and summer for a fall implementation. Be on the lookout for a call for applications in your email inbox in late fall. 

Update (11/14/2022): The call for applications for OCDI for the 2023-2024 cycle is out. For this group, work will begin in spring of 2023 with awardee announcements in early February of 2023. See call for applications


For the coming OCDI cycle beginning in 2023, OCDI will focus on courses designed and facilitated through the lens of
the Quality Matters Higher Education (6th edition) Rubric. In addition to the regular professional development
requirements of OCDI, selected participants will need to either have already taken QM’s Applying the QM Rubric or agree
to take and complete this workshop during the learning period of the program. Courses will need to be designed to align
with the QM rubric, and Course Design Partners will review and score courses in this manner as well, this, with the
expectation that awardees will submit their courses for QM Review to become QM‐Certified Courses.


Amount: $4,000, to be awarded in stages throughout the project. Projected stipend payment dates are subject to change due to administrative workflow. To date, the CTLE has awarded faculty $176,000 in stipend funds for participating in this initiative. 

Duration of initiative: This is primarily a spring/summer initiative, with applications submitted and selected in the spring, professional development done in spring and early summer, work on course development done in the summer, and a finished product ready to go for the fall (the fall offering will be reviewed for the final portion of initiative funds). New course must be taught by the awardee in the fall semester of the initiative's cycle.

For more information, please see the most recent call for applications. Note that the application due date for 2023-24 projects is January 27, 2023. 

Courses funded through OCDI:  Faculty in the departments where these courses are offered are encouraged to contact awardees so that they can share their designs with colleagues. As noted in UHS policy, intellectual property rules apply, so interested parties will need written consent. 

2022, Theme: Equity-Based Online Course Design & Facilitation

ENG 3340/HUM 3310: Cultural Criticism, E. Cueva
ENG 4341: Seminar in Postcolonial Studies, G. Lund
ENGR 4350: Industrial Loss Prevention, M. Hasan
HUM 3376: Plague in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds, E. Cueva
PHIL 2310: The Meaning of Life, A. Pavelich
PSY 2317: Statistical Methods in Psychology, K. Cho
PSY 4318: Comparative Psychology, S. Babb
SPAN 3324: Neighbors & Trading Partners: People, Culture and Trade in Spanish-America, R. Chiquillo
STAT 4397: Statistical Computing, K. Mhoon

2021, Theme: Information Literacy & Resource Evaluation: Creating a Critical Community of Inquiry in Online Courses

BA 3304, D. von Biedenfeld
BIOL 4220, S. Saha
BIOL 4311, V. Chaubal
CHEM 1300, B. Dixit
CJ 3301, F. Yang
COMM 3335, J. Rountree
EM 4301, D. von Biedenfeld
ENG 1302, J. Wedes
ENGR 4330, M. Hasan
ETC 3301, I. Chen
HIST 1312, G. Preuss
HUM 3000, E. Cueva
MBIO 2305, G. Bowden
NURS 3230, L. Dune
STAT 4307, K. Mhoon
TCOM 3302, C. Howard
TCOM 3327, O. Bjork

2020, Theme: Open Educational Resources (OER, ZCT, and/or LCT)

BIOL 1340, C. Standlee
BIOL 2303, C. Kang & M. Minard
BIOL 2306, M. Minard
CJ 3301, K. Gehring
COMM 3314, K. Winkler
COMM 3320, C. Murray
COMM 3325, J. Rountree
ENG 2313, K. Jager
ENG/HUM 3323, G. Lund
FIN 4304, R. Verma
HUM 3327, E. Cueva
MBIO 4330, G. Bowden
MKT 3350, D. Cohen
PHIL 1301, J. Westfall
PHIL 3330, J. Jackson
SCM 4312, D. von Biedenfeld
STAT 2305, K. Mhoon

2019, Theme: Common Core Courses

ACC 3303, A. Yancy
BIOL 1312, R. Hudspeth
CJ 1301, R. Pfeffer
COMM 1306, T. Hoang
HUM 2301, E. Cueva
POLS 2305, A. Chadha
SOCW 2361, S. Savani
SOCW 2363, S. Wernet
SOCW 3351, H. Goltz
STAT 1312, K. Mhoon