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American Marketing Association Visits the Houston Chronicle

MDCOB in the Community: American Marketing Association Visits the Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronical field trip OCtober 2022The American Marketing Association visited the Houston Chronicle to tour their facility. Hosting over 30 students and faculty across various majors, the Houston Chronicle welcomed students with a full introduction from Heads of Management, Marketing and Sales. Every speaker gave a glimpse of the journey that led to their career at the Houston chronicle and the role they play in the operation.

After an engaging conversation that lasted over an hour. The students were led through the offices and conference rooms, to the 2-story printing press room, with giant vats of plant-based soy ink ready to roll out hot news at any second. They also visited the storage room where 10,000 pounds of recyclable paper rolls are kept in a controlled environment for temperature and humidity. Finishing off the tour, the students got to see the freshly printed newspapers carried in by the thousands on conveyor belts where they will be packaged and shipped all over the United States.

The Fall 2022 event marks the first time the MDCOB American Marketing Association hosted an off-campus field trip-style event since the beginning of the pandemic. AMA regularly hosts 5-6 events per semester utilizing a combination of in-person, hybrid and now off-campus field trips to its repertoire.

Find out more about the AMA, the student organization at the Marilyn Davies College of Business.