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Class of 2020

Marilyn Davies College of Business, Class of 2020

Congratulations to our 2020 graduates from spring, summer and fall this year from the Marilyn Davies College of Business.

Antonio Martin Aguilar, BBA in Supply Chain Management
Shoaib Ali, BBA in Accounting
Clemente Armenta, BBA in General Business
Jenny Barcenas, BBA in General Business 
Tabria Brumfield, BBA in Management Information Systems
Nhu Chau, BBA in Accounting
Angelina Cloud, BBA in General Business
Jenyfer Cortes, BBA in General Business
Melanie Torres Diaz, BBA in Management Information Systems 
Thao Do, BBA in Accounting
Pamela Ann Foster, BBA in Business Management 
Elisabeth Galvan, BBA in Finance 
Ismael Garcia, BBA in Finance,
Jennifer Gomez, BBA in Marketing
Natalie Gordon, BBA in Accounting
Bianca Ibette Gutierrez, BBA in Supply Chain Management
Christopher Hernandez, BBA in Management Information Systems 
Cecilia Martinez Ibarra, BBA in Management
Shamika Jefferson, BBA in Accounting
Alejandra Juarez, BBA in Business Management,
Namita Kadel, BBA in Management
Mimah Mansaray Kallon, BBA in Supply Chain Management 
Alex Le, BBA in Management Information Systems 
Nahian Majid, BBA in International Business
Cesar Martinez, BBA in Finance
Raquel Martinez, BBA in Management
Byron McGowan, BBA in Management Information Systems 
Cristian Merino, BBA in Finance
Ehsen Nadeem, BBA in General Business
Tiffany Nguyen, BBA in Supply Chain Management
Cherry Nguyễn-Westmoreland, BBA in Business Management
Yara Palomino, BBA in Accounting
Ronaldo Madrigal Ramos, BBA in International Business
Abigail Reyes, BBA in Management
Ye Shuchang, BBA in International Business
Josephine Trevino, BBA in Management
Leticia Pantigoso, BBA in General Business
Jorge Pereira, BBA in Management Information Systems 
Shawn Schaeffer, BBA in Accounting
Jennifer Tran, BBA in Finance,
Leslie Turner, BBA in Management Information Systems 
Casandra Veleros, BBA in Accounting
Lashondra Warren, MBA Finance