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Marilyn Davies College of Business Gators at the Student Research Conference

Student Research Conference

The 21st annual University of Houston-Downtown Student Research Conference took place virtually on April 22, 2022. The Student Research Conference showcases the scholarly activity of UHD undergraduates and postgraduates. The SRC conference is hosted and sponsored by the University of Houston-Downtown Scholars Academy with funding from The Brown Foundation, Inc., Nuclear Regulatory Commission Minority Serving Institutions Program grant, Department of Education MSEIP grand, and the University of Houston-Downtown. 

This year the Marilyn Davies College of Business is proud to announce that one of our students, Rhode Villareal, alongside her teammate Stephanie Davis has been selected to present their project on plastic recycling at University of Houston-Downtown. Ms. Villareal is a junior majoring in Business Management with a minor in Human Resource Management. Her teammate, Ms. Davis, recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and a minor in Psychology. Both were mentored by Dr. Lisa Morano, Professor Shohreh Hashemi, and Mr. Juan Martinez. 

Student Research Conference attendance was open to the entire UHD community. Dat Truong, Ph.D., senior scientist – enzymology at Solugen, Inc, was the keynote speaker with his presentation titled ‘A Journey of Chemistry Through Undergraduate.’ Mr. Dat Truong started his career here at the University of Houston-Downtown with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He was accompanied by Desiree Wilson, Ph.D., and Anna R. Garcia, MD & Capt USAF (USA) as fellow alumnus speakers. 

Students involved in the following activities are eligible to apply for inclusion into the conference. 

  • Senior capstone research projects 
  • Research projects completed in internships 
  • Independent or directed studies at UHD 
  • Poster presenters who have extended their research 
  • Upper-level research-oriented lab courses 
  • Senior or graduate level projects 
  • On and/or off campus research 

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