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FISER Department Chair

Kevin Jones

I joined UHD in 2011 and I currently serve the Marilyn Davies College of Business as an associate professor of finance.  My teaching interests include financial markets and institutions, portfolio management, financial derivatives, investments, and international finance.  From a research perspective, I enjoy investigating financial market efficiency, electricity derivatives, and risk management. I graduated with a BS in economics from Texas A&M University and I earned an MBA and Ph.D. in finance from the University of North Texas.   

One of the most important roles I'll have as chair of the Finance, Management Information Systems and Economics (FNIS) department is serving as a facilitator between students, faculty, and administration.  I look forward to collaborating with our faculty and administration to explore academic and professional growth opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students.  I also want to serve our faculty in their professional endeavors.  I anticipate working with administration to establish a mentorship program for our new faculty members and promoting professional development activities for all our faculty. I believe our department's success relies heavily on interpersonal relationships.  To that end, I plan to gather feedback from students, faculty, and administration on ways we can safely increase our sense of community in the wake of the pandemic.

I'm honored to serve as the FNIS department chair and I look forward to what the future holds for our department, college, and university.