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01 Administration

A - Administration, General

Policy Statement NumberPolicy TitleEffective Date
01.A.01 University of Houston-Downtown Policy and Procedure System05/15/19
01.A.02 Organization Chart08/15/16
01.A.03 Academic Shared Governance Policy10/16/95
01.A.04 University Seal and Logo11/30/21
01.A.05 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy07/09/15
01.A.06Policy Review and Revision Procedures
See PS 01.A.01
01.A.07Roster of Councils and Committees-Preparation ofRescinded
01.A.08 Travel Policy09/06/19
01.A.09 Smoke Free and Tobacco Free Environment04/16/21
01.A.10Audits by External Auditors
See SAM 04.A.01
01.A.11 Ethical and Legal Use of University Property05/03/19
01.A.12Standards of Conduct Policy
See SAM 02.A.09
SAM 01.D.07 Anti-Discrimination Policy02/20/18
SAM 01.D.08 Sexual Misconduct Policy08/07/13
01.A.14 Use of Alcoholic Beverages at University of Houston-Downtown09/29/00
01.A.15 Posting of Notices and Announcements02/17/11
01.A.16 Campus Carry Policy11/30/21
SAM 01.C.12 Animals on University Campuses 01/29/20
SAM 01.D.11 Emotional Support Animals04/04/19
SAM 01.D.12 Service Animals04/04/19

B - Auxiliary Services

Policy Statement NumberPolicy TitleEffective Date
01.B.01 Traffic and Parking Policy02/18/22
01.B.02Traffic and Parking Enforcement Policy
See PS 01.B.01

C - Facilities

Policy Statement NumberPolicy TitleEffective Date
01.C.01 Use of Space and Facilities03/23/94

D - Safety

Policy Statement NumberPolicy TitleEffective Date
01.D.02 Crime Awareness and Campus Security02/01/19
01.D.03 Risk Management12/20/19
01.D.04 Emergency Closing07/09/15

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