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HR About Us

Human Resources
Erica Morales photo
Erica Morales, MBA, SHRM-SCP, PHR, CBP, CCP
Interim Assistant Vice President for Human Resources

Telephone: 713-221-8443


Compensation & Benefits
Erica Morales photo
Erica Morales, MBA, SHRM-SCP, PHR, CBP, CCP
Director of Benefits & Compensation

Telephone: 713-221-8443
Gladis Moya photo
Gladis Moya
Benefits & Compensation Administrator
For Business Affairs, Administration & Finance, Facilities Management, Public Safety, Emergency Management, Enrollment Management, College of Business, College of and Humanities & Social Sciences

Telephone: 713-221-8263
Bernice Guillen photo
Bernice Guillen
Benefits & Compensation Administrator
For Academic Affairs, Advancement & University Relations,Information Technology, Office of thePresident, College of Public Service, College of Science & Technology, and Student Life and Student Success

Telephone: 713-221-2738


Talent Acquisition & Management
Chetiqua Matthews Herron photo
Chetiqua Matthews Herron
Director, Talent Acquisition & Management/Employee Relations Officer

Telephone: 713-221-2715


Student Employment
Cecealia Booty photo
Cecealia Booty
Coordinator of Student Employment

Telephone: 713-221-7954


Talent Acquisition
Tamika Small photo
Tamika Small
Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist

Telephone: 713-222-5318
Jenifer Cortez photo
Jenifer Cortez
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Telephone: 713-222-5332


Talent Management
Ashley Carter photo
Ashley Carter
Talent Management and Employee Relations Coordinator

Telephone: 713-226-5573


Talent Development
Donald Kesterson photo
Donald Kesterson, M.S., SHRM-CP
Manager, Organizational and Talent Development

Telephone: 713-221-8470
Brandi McInnis photo
Brandi McInnis
Sr. Talent Development Specialist

Telephone: 713-221-8079
Mike Guajardo photo
Mike Guajardo
Talent Management and Development Specialist

Telephone: 713-221-8407


Payroll and Records
April Frank photo
April Frank, MBA
Director, Payroll and Records

Telephone: 713-221-8422
Jacqueline Batiste photo
Jacqueline Batiste
Payroll Specialist

Telephone: 713-221-8971
Katalina Castillo photo
Katalina Castillo
Records Specialist

Telephone: 713-221-8429


Paula Jannett photo
Paula Jannett
Department Business Administrator I

Telephone: 713-221-8463
Christian Purdy photo
Christian Purdy
Manager, Projects, Compliance and Communications

Telephone: 713-221-5012
Jackee Hester photo
Jackee Hester
Administrative Assistant II

Telephone: 713-221-8946