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Conferences, Associations, Industry-Specific Trainings, Certifications

Networking Group Photo

Polishing up your resume & interviewing skills, attending career fairs and doing well in your major are all integral to being successful in your internship/job search.  However, networking with like-minded professionals via professional associations, is also key. 

Below are organizations and associations at UHD and also at the state and national levels that you should consider consulting and/or joining to expand your network and your "deep dive" into your specific industry.  Many associations may offer annual conferences that can prove invaluable when it comes to professional development and uncovering positions with top companies.

UHD - Marilyn Davies College of Business Student Organizations (look under the "Student Organizations" link)
  • We house many student organizations to help you better connect with other students in your major.  Each organization has their own calendar of events, faculty advisor and governing body.  You can access each individual student organization from the link above.
  • The student organizations typically offer many opportunities for students to get involved with them throughout each semester.  Collaborations between different student organizations also occur for larger events/functions while some events are unique each organization.
  • It's a good idea to join at least ONE student organization during your time here at the MDCOB.  Employers really like to see student involvement on-campus, outside of the classroom.


National Black MBA Conference Career Expo
                                                        National Black MBA Conference Career Expo -Photo Courtesy of D.Yvette Wohn

Associations By Industry
Many of our student organizations have state and national level organizations that govern their existence. The benefits to interacting with and/or join these associations:

  1. Jobs
  2. Annual Conferences (Career Expos at these conferences offer connections with big-name employers that may NOT have a presence in Houston or that don't recruit at the MDCOB). 
  1. Professional Development on industry-specific topics and trends
  2. Networking (meeting and connecting with other like-minded professionals in your major or intended career path)