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Corporate Projects



For questions, please contact: 
Brett Hobby, Director College of Business Career Development Center
713-221-5075 ​

What are R.W.E. Projects? 

Real World Experience Projects consist of two different types of projects: 

CORPORATE PROJECTS: The employer provides a project topic relevant to their company and on which they would like have some research conducted and hear a new perspective from the next generation of business professionals. Students work with the company designated rep. and deliver recommendations, results and deliverables by the end of the semester. Student teams usually consist of 5-7 members.  

CASE STUDY PROJECTS: The topic is chosen by the students. An employer rep. consults with the students throughout the semester to keep them on track and productive. The level of engagement of the employer is much less than for Corporate Projects while still allowing for an employer, student connection. Student teams usually consist of 5-7 members.  

  • This program will provide employers a new and different way to assess the skills of and build relationships with an extremely diverse group of students; as well as secure deliverables on a topic that is meaningful to the employer.  
  • This program will allow undergraduate students to experience an experiential education experience that will improve their communication, teamwork and networking competencies while also allowing them the chance to build a connection with an employer  
  • Projects are embedded into a for-credit class that has a required project  
  • Projects are one semester in length and teams will be made up of 5-7 students  
  • Students select the project that matches their interest (Project areas include: Market Research, Business Improvement, Analysis and Web/Social Media)

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